Author Topic: Potential edits to clarify Catch/Sample count fields,  (Read 2051 times)


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Potential edits to clarify Catch/Sample count fields,
« on: January 21, 2014, 11:40:33 AM »
As per our minutes I have attached a file that contains some potential edits for the format document - please review/edit

"2.1   Propose to re-name some columns in Catch/Sample file or clarify the meaning of the term 'recovered'
Page 32 in Specs, field #29, 30, 33.
Recovered refers to observed sample (heads-visual, beaps-electronic), a head that has undergone some sampling (mass-marking changed historical meaning). ‘Blue Book’ includes number of ______in sampling stratum.
In Tag Status,  refer to Catch/Sample data and vice versa
(1) Ken P to work on word description Field #28 in recoveries to Catch field ‘tag status’ and bring back to DSWG for review and acceptance. Need language that reflects number of recovered are supposed to reference total tag counts in catch sample table.
(2) Catch sample data definition needs to be strengthened to ensure that numbers link. A Chapter needs to be created to address this by using an example (Nick K and Ken P leads)
(3) Agencies need to look and see that they can populate this and validate it and if not what are the problems."