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Study Integrity field usage
« on: December 04, 2014, 12:51:57 PM »
Does anyone know why folks submitting release records are not utilizing the Study Integrity field much anymore?   Perhaps this isn't a major issue, but I was wondering why the field is not required and why usage the past 10 years has dropped so much?  Maybe the field is really not needed anymore.

Perhaps most agencies utilize a similar field internally within their agencies to flag particular releases that might be atypical.  I don't know.  In some recent analyses I was doing, I used some releases that had issues I was not aware of until I was way past the "what are these numbers telling us part".  It would have been helpful to know about these issues beforehand.  So I was wondering if this was a problem for anyone else.
For folks that download CWT data reported from multiple agencies, depending on what they are analyzing, this field might explain some of the occasional blips in folks see in the results of their modeling.  I just wanted to put this out there as a possible discussion topic.  My concern is that with dwindling financial resources for tagging and recovering of CWT's, I see us relying more and more on fewer tag recoveries for our management decisions.  If I have less data to rely on, I would like it to be able to tell me as much as possible.