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General Issues Discussion / Proposal to add Release Strategy FN
« Last post by rmpcjim on November 14, 2016, 01:35:15 PM »
Attn: Data Exchange parties,

We have a minor request to have added a new code for Release Strategy.

California is doing net pen releases of Chinook.  Fish are trucked then acclimated in a net pen before release.  This is a production level release strategy.  They are proposing to have a release code for the net pens, something like FN, Forced Net.

Are there any questions?  Do let us know within a few days.  If not then we'll add this code to the RMIS.  Thanks!

(This may also be emailed to be sure all interested parties receive it.)

--Jim L  :^)
WDFW cannot implement this proposed change and accurately report to RMIS. Internally, we do/have not distinguished between agency-only and true blank wire (the terms are frequently used and reported interchangeably). Moreover, projects use blank wire and agency-only wire for purely mechanical-functional needs like opening diversion gates so may use either non-CWT wire type to accomplish these objectives. If this is implemented as a requirement, WDFW will be forced to submit data of unknown accuracy, with a default (likely incorrect) value of '63' just to get our release data sets to validate.
Data Standards Working Group / Minutes from DSWG - Oct 2015 - Seattle
« Last post by rmpcjim on March 01, 2016, 09:47:31 AM »
Attn DSWG,

Here (at last!) is a draft version of the minutes from October, 2015.   I have been working on a ‘draft 1’ – which has been reviewed in-house.   Now, this is a  ‘draft 2’ for the group's review & discussion on this forum topic.   Please see related attachments for certain items as well..

I bid regards to all.

--Jim Longwill  :^)
To the group,

I continue to work on a DRAFT minutes from the meeting.  I regret not having it done yet.  Apologies are mine.   I will make it available ASAP, with period of review, etc.

--Jim Longwill
I looked at the meeting notes and we did agree to add the "W" wild designation with an explanation and definition in the revised "blue book".  I think the definition is going to be the challenging part.
Thanks Gil.  We will need to have that definition for the document.
George, per Ken Warheit:

“Fish that originated from a river, rather than a hatchery, are natural-origin fish.  The parents of natural-origin fish can either be hatchery-origin, natural-origin, or mixed hatchery- and natural-origin (i.e., the fish is a hybrid).  To avoid confusing the origin of a fish (i.e., where it was born), from its ancestry (i.e., the identity of its parents), in this document I refer to natural-origin fish (intact adipose fin) with hatchery-origin parents as hatchery-lineage, natural-origin fish with natural-origin parents as wild-lineage or simply wild, and natural-origin fish with one hatchery-origin parent and one wild parent as a hybrid.  Therefore, a wild fish may have a hatchery ancestor at some point in its lineage more distant than its parents (e.g., great grandparents), and the term hybrid is limited to the F1 generation.” (Warheit, 2014:2)
Warheit, K. I. 2014a. Measuring reproductive interaction between hatchery-origin and wild steelhead (Oncorhynchus mykiss) from northern Puget Sound populations potentially affected by segregated hatchery programs. Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. Olympia, Washington. October 10, 2014.

So, a wild fish would have 2 wild-lineage parents.
So, Gil.  What is the WDFW definition of "Wild"?
Thanks for the quick reply, George!

Per NMFS definition here: , natural origin fish are "Fish that were spawned and reared in the wild, regardless of parental origin."

Natural origin fish could include fish that were born in the wild but whose parents were of hatchery origin, per this definition. WDFW differentiates between these 2 stock origin types in its hatchery database and would like that difference reflected in the release data submissions. I think we must be careful in lumping truly wild fish with natural origin fish. This came up as part of the discussion at the meeting and I was under the impression that we had agreed to include "W." Cheers,

In regards to the DSWG minutes of the October meeting in Seattle, I apologize for the tardiness of getting a draft out.  Jim took on that responsibility.  He and Dan have been up to their necks in our project of converting RMIS from an Oracle database to a PostgreSQL database.  The conversion happened in December, but there are still some loose ends to finish.  Bottom line is, it is not completed yet and we apologize.
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